Local Alice Exhibitions 2011

We have been fortunate in the Cheshire and surrounding areas to have several ‘Alice’ related exhibitions going on at the same time within easy reach.

Tate Liverpool Albert Dock. ‘Alice in Wonderland’

4th November 2011 – 29th January 2012.

The Tate in Albert Dock at Liverpool opened their ‘Alice in Wonderland’ exhibition on the 4th of November. This has not been a successful venture as far as Carrollians and non Carrollians are concerned. The feedback from the general public was that the exhibition was puzzling. The amount of explanation shown was low and questions such as ‘what has Lewis Carroll got to do with Charles Lutwidge Dodgson?’ and ‘why is there a camera in the exhibition?’ were repeatedly being heard across the galleries. Carrollians equally found the exhibition a challenge. It was certainly not an ‘Alice’ exhibition but neither was it a Lewis Carroll exhibition. What members did appreciate was the chance to view the original ‘Alice’s Adventures Underground’ manuscript although this was in a glass case which went virtually unrecognised by the vast majority of the visitors. The inclusion of many of Lewis Carroll’s photographic images without explanation as to why they were there was equally as puzzling as the inclusion of several pre-Raphaelite paintings simply because Lewis Carroll knew the artists. The star exhibit at the Tate had to be the picture by Richmond of Alice and her two sisters painted in 1864 at Llandudno. This was worth travelling to Liverpool to see despite the lack lustre exhibition surrounding it. The modern art side was puzzling and some of it was obscene. The TV presentation showing a dead rabbit being moved was very strange!

The Portico Library ~ Mosley Street Manchester. Alice in Wonderland Exhibition

8th October  – 30th November 2011

The Portico exhibition was well worth visiting as it had some interesting items on view. The dedicated Carrollian was not likely to see something he/she had not seen before but the displays were well presented and information was at hand for the non Carrollian. This was very much an ‘Alice’ exhibition with contributions from many sources including art work from our friend Bryan Talbot in Sunderland.  


Liverpool Academy of Art. ‘Alice in Wonderland Exhibition

2nd November -  15th December 2011

his exhibition in the gallery at Seel Street Liverpool featured the work of two artists, June Lornie and Len Ehlen. June has produced works based up Lewis Carroll’s first ‘Alice’ book, while Len has worked around the second book ‘Through the Looking Glass.’ Each has produced some interesting works and the exhibition was well worth the trip to Liverpool. Prints were available and some of the original works were for sale as well – to be collected after the exhibition has run its course.


Len painted two versions of Alice in the White Rabbit’s house earlier on so here are both - can you spot the differences! (Ignore any colour differences - these are due to the  camera.)

Ford Madox Brown Exhibition Manchester Art Gallery

Just 200m down the road from the Portico Library is Manchester Art gallery where there was a Ford Madox Brown exhibition on which ran from 24th September 2011 to 29th January 2012. Lewis Carroll noted in his diary in April 1865 seeing one of the pictures featured in this exhibition, ‘Work’ – this painting features a portrait of F.D. Maurice who was well known to Lewis Carroll.