Lewis Carroll's Birthday 2013

As LC’s birthday fell on a Sunday this year and it was the first year that the new centre at Daresbury church, shown left, had been officially open on the day, it was decided to have a small ceremony to mark the occasion.  We invited a few LC society members and put the message out on the net for anyone else who wanted to come along!

Mrs. Elizabeth Wright made a cake for the occasion and arrangements were made to go to the new centre in the afternoon as this is normally when the church is quiet except for a few passing visitors. We also invited the new Daresbury Alice along, Charlotte Codack, who came along with her mum and dad and brother Kyle.

Although we were expecting a few folk to call in on Lewis Carroll’s birthday we were not expecting a bus full of students  from France! The leader said they had come to the church especially as it was LC’s birthday. Also there were some people from Whitby who were thrilled to find out that LC’s first published work was in the Whitby Gazette and even more pleased to be shown a copy of the poem.

Charlotte cut the cake which was shared out and pronounced to be very good! We were hoping to have a birthday tea at Davenport’s Alice themed tea rooms in Acton Bridge but difficulties with numbers made that impossible so Mrs. Wright’s cake at the church had to suffice! We did however go on to Davenports and had a cup of tea/coffee.  Davenports tea room was very busy that day so perhaps things worked out for the best in the end!