Rabbit Hole Collection

Simon from the Alice in Wonderland group advises that ‘The Rabbit Hole collection’ that the group purchased from Mrs. Muriel Ratcliffe, or at least bits of it, have had a few outings this year after being locked up for nearly two years.
Alice, the Tweedles, Queen, Hatter (left) and March Hare have between them been to exhibitions in Cardiff and had two outings in Llandudno , one on Alice Liddell’s Birthday and Jam tart eating world record day and the other at the official opening of the Alice in Wonderland Bandstand on 9th September.
The Rabbit Hole collection’s next big night out is planned to be at an Alice in Winterland Grotto to be sited in the Victoria Centre Llandudno, for a period of about six weeks. The Grotto will be linked to the Llandudno Christmas Fayre (Previously Llandudno Celtic Winter Fayre) and it is hoped the staff within the centre will be dressed in Victorian clothing and have tables outside the units creating a Christmas market ambience.
It is intended to have ‘Alice Day’ again next year and hopefully we can put on a special party to help launch the first phase of the Alice in Wonderland Trail, croquet anyone?

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