Alice In Brexitland

The vagaries of the Brexit negotiations has produced a number of comparisons to Alice in Wonderland.  We outline two below:
The following picture and extract appeared in the ‘I’ newspaper on the 21st March this year:-

“Alice said to the prime minister, ‘I hope you get the long extension you said was an absolute necessity’.
‘Oh no,’ said the prime minister, ‘I said I needed a long extension because I hate long extensions. I never want to ever have a long extension, they’re a disaster.’
Then they walked through the forest to meet the old Brexit secretary, who hated the negotiated Brexit deal. ‘You must be very cross with the idiots who negotiated it,’ said Alice.

‘Yes I am,’ said the old Brexit secretary, ‘it was me, and anyone who agrees with the deal I negotiated is a traitor.’
‘Who’s that peculiar looking creature?’ asked Alice.
‘That’s Jacob,’ said the prime minister, ‘he hates the elite who own the forest. He owns all the forest’.”

There has even been a book  published :-

‘Alice in Brexitland’ was written by Lucien Young,  a comedy writer who has worked on various TV programmes, including BBC Three's Siblings.  Below is his version of the river bank scene:-
Alice sat by her sister on the riverbank and wondered if she might not die of boredom. This seemed to her a rather drab mode of death. 'Had I the choice.' thought Alice. 'I should prefer to be eaten by a crocodile or fall in a volcano.' These thoughts aside, it was clear she needed something to do. But what? She might have chased a butterfly, or plucked some daisies for a chain, but both of these things would require movement, and that was out of the question.
As a last resort, Alice glanced at the book her older sister was reading. Its cover bore these words: 'THE DEBATE SURROUNDING MEMBERSHIP OF THE EUROPEAN UNION'. She peeped inside but saw in it no pictures or conversations. 'And what is the use of a book.' thought Alice, ‘without pictures or conversations. Moreover. she spotted among its strange, unwieldy words one that was all too familiar: 'Brexit'.   

The book can be obtained in Waterstones or ordered from Amazon.