Antiques road Show

The popular Antiques Roadshow programme shown on the 6th January 2019 from Eltham Palace in South London featured  the literary expert Clive Farahar purusing  a journal and four photographs taken by Charles Dodgson. The gentleman who brought these fascinating item in said that the journal was written for the  Dodgson family nanny, the children presented it to her as a keepsake, and it was passed down the generations. ( The young Charles, aged 5 or younger, wrote his first letter to his nurse “For dear kind bun from little Charly” dated 1937, but I’ve not been able to find out what this lady’s full name was.)   
 The journal had been compiled by the Dodgson siblings from original poems and a selection of favourite poems, and they each signed the top of the page with their initials so she would know who each was from. One autographed poems by Charles Dodgson was titled “After three day” and concerned William Holman Hunt’s painting ‘Christ in the Temple’.
The four photographs were portraits of Margaret Ann Ashley (1841-1915) in ringlets, Henrietta Harrington (1843-1922), Edwin Heron (1846-1918), and a grouping of three sisters seated under a large tree ( the rectory Umbrella) in the garden at Croft.

I did find the exact same photographs of Henrietta and Edwin reproduced in reflections in a Looking glass by Morton N Cohen, page 36, but the other two looked familiar too.
Mr Faraha’s estimated evaluations at auction price were £5,000 for each photograph making a total of £20,000, and the journal would fetch £10,000, and so bringing a grand total of £30,000.