Cheshire Cat Ale

Thanks to Ken Oultram for bringing this to our attention.  As well as Cheshire Cat busses we also have Cheshire Cat Ale brewed by Weetwood Ales.  They are a small local brewery sitsituated just outside the country village of Kelsall where they produce quality and distinctive cask conditioned bitter beers to suit the most discerning of palates. They have been brewing for over 20 years.
In their words - Cheshire Cat is smooth and well-balanced with refreshing citrusy flavours. Very blonde and very easy drinking.
For those who like technical detail the specific gravity etc. are all in the table below.

ABV 4.0%
Style:   Blonde Ale      
Aroma: Citrus, Fruity
Colour:   Blonde    
Best Food Match:  Fish & Chips, good Cheshire Cheese