New York Central Park

Earlier this year some friends  of ours were in New York and took some pictures of the famous Alice statue there. We thought it worth an article.
On East 74th Street on the north side of Central Park's Conservatory Water you will find yourself at perhaps the least exclusive soiree in Manhattan, a party where everyone is the guest of honour 364 days a year. It is, of course, Central Park’s permanent installation of its very own unbirthday party.

Probably the park’s most beloved sculpture, it is a depiction in bronze of Alice perched stage centre upon an enormous mushroom.  Grouped around her are The Mad Hatter (rumoured to be a caricature of the patron that sponsored the piece), The March Hare, The Cheshire Cat, The White Rabbit, Alice’s Cat Dinah and, of course, the bashful Dormouse.

To honour his wife Margarita, philanthropist George Delacorte commissioned the sculpture from José de Creeft in 1959. His design is patterned on the illustrations drawn by John Tenniel. Alice herself is said to resemble de Creeft’s daughter, Donna. The Alice in Wonderland project's architects and designers were Hideo Sasaki and Fernando Texidor, who inserted some plaques with inscriptions from the book in the terrace around the sculpture. Margarita's favourite poem, "The Jabberwocky" is also included; chiseled in a granite circle surrounding the sculpture:

The design of the sculpture attracts many children who want to climb its many levels, resulting in the bronze's glowing patina, polished by thousands of tiny hands over the years since the sculpture was unveiled. It was cast at Modern Art Foundry Astoria Queens NY. The sculpture was in the music video of Slick Ricks Children's Story.