Progress With The Website

After the break Dave Lornie gave a presentation of the work being done to develop the website.  It is up and running and can be found at:


You can also find it by searching on Google however to get it near the top of your results you need to put in not only “Daresbury Lewis Carroll Society” but also an additional word such as ‘Home’,  ‘Contact’ or ‘publications’. You can all help here.  If you know of, or are involved with, a site which could reference ours try to get a link inserted to point to our site. The more connected in this way a site is the higher up the list Google places it. 

The picture you see at the top of this article is on the top of each page on the web site and is made up largely from Lewis Carroll related pictures from around the Daresbury area together with a snap of some members and friends in suitable costume at the opening of an exhibition.

The aim now is to put up all of the previous publications - Keith Wright’s Darersbury Chronicles and the current Newsletter and to add new articles as soon as possible.  The contents of all of these will be searchable so you can go into the Search page, enter what you are interested in, something like Tenniel or June Lancelyn Green, and it will list all the articles that we have which reference your interest. 

The site knows what kind of device it’s being displayed on and adjusts it’s format accordingly.  So looking at it on your smart phone or tablet, if you have one, should not be a problem. One of the problems with this Newsletter is that often events that we find out about have passed by the time they gets to publication,  although, I fear, in this time of ‘Lockdown’, this isn’t going to be such a problem.

However,  with your help, if you learn of an event coming up let Dave know and he will add it to the Events page.