Carole Talon Bailey - a note to the editor with some snippets.


  • A friend telephoned me the other evening and said 'Alice' was on duty at Morrisons in Nantwich, so I rushed down to take a photo and see what it was about, only to find 'Snow White' promoting a new Disney film !!!
  • A female singing group called 'Wonderland' is now becoming well known, with the help of Louis Walsh.
  • At the Festival of Flowers on Jersey, the winning float was 'Alice in Wonderland', the pack of cards looked wonderful, there must have been at least a pack and a half there.

I have won the 'Best Kept Garden' in Stapeley, Nantwich in 2009 and 2010 (both 'Alice' themed, of course), and this year I designed yet another garden in readiness for the competition in anticipation of making it a 'Hat' trick, only to be informed that the competition was not taking place. Never mind, at least I got 'Alice' garden number three finished in record time.’

Carole Talon Bailey, October 2011