Alice 2011/2012

Our ‘Alice’ for this important year is Miss Thalia Thompson who lives in Sandymoor and attends Moore school. She will be ten on 6th of May 2012 which as Carrollians know is only two days from Alice Liddell’s birth date of 4th May. Alice Liddell was ten in 1862 when Lewis Carroll told her, and her two sisters Lorina and Edith, the tale of ‘Alice’s Adventures.’
    Thalia and her parents are from Liverpool where her gran still lives. She is in the school choir and attends Karate and dancing classes. She is hoping soon to take up horse riding. Next year is a milestone year in the LC calendar, Lewis Carroll was born in 1832 (180 years ago in 2012) Alice Liddel was born in 1852 (160 years ago)  ‘Alice in the book was created in 1862 (150 years ago) and ‘Through the Looking Glass’ was published in 1872 (140 years ago) and Thalia was born ten years ago!