Daresbury Church Exhibition

On The heritage Open Days in September this year the Lewis Carroll Centre at Daresbury staged an exhibition of Alice in Wonderland books to commemorate the first publication of the book by Macmillans in 1865! Over 50 books were on display from a facsimile of the first publication to the special edition brought out by Macmillans to commemorate the 150 years of Alice.

Many different illustrators were displayed showing various styles through the years. There was a section of books in many languages showing how Alice had travelled around the world and 30 of these books were kindly loaned to The Centre by the Daresbury Lewis Carroll Society’s  Margaret Tye.

A popular exhibit was the lovely Georgian dolls house made by Myra and Deryk Fye where nine of the rooms showed scenes from Alice in Wonderland and the exquisite characters all hand-made by Myra.
Another section showed how Alice had influenced the manufacture of items on an Alice theme such as mugs, teapots,tots, plates, and even a companion set.

There was also an exhibition of art work and photographs by our local art and photography clubs showing characters from Alice and scenes associated with Lewis Carroll. The exhibition was well attended and from the many compliments that were given we can look forward to similar exhibitions in the

Irene Rutter