Alice Day In Oxford

With time going by this review from Stephen Martin is from the 2021 Alice Day but I thought it worth including as our speaker, Mark Davies, for the October meeting is, one of the organisers of this.
Stephen’s article:-
     On Saturday 3rd July I made the journey by train to Oxford for Alice Day (the celebrations of the birthday of Alice Pleasance Liddell) this was the first time I’d been to the festivities. On Broad Street there was the Red Queen riding on the back of a Dodo ( I believe the lady was called Dizzy O'Dare).

A little later appeared three people with large lily flowers attached to them and who could speak into a sound system and their voice would emit from the trumpet of the flower. Then a massive and very stern Alice appeared (15 feet), with a person inside and the arms operated like puppet with a person on either side. The children were encouraged to be photographed and play games with these characters and was great fun. The staff at the Alice shop on St Aldates were dressed as Mad Hatter's. Due to the Covid 19 restrictions all the other Alice events needed to be Pre- booked: these events included a performance at the Botanical Gardens, ghostly mirrors at the Science Museum, and the Alice in Waterland guided walk with Mark Davis. Online there was a draw-a-long with Chris Russell.

Below is a print of a couple of pages of the Alice Day event guide which advertises the Alice in Waterland Walk with Mark Davies.