Book Ends

 A friend of ours, Judith Kennedy, knowing of our involvement in the Lewis Carroll society told us about a pair of Alice themed bookends she had recently made so we went to look at them. This is what she told us about herself and the bookends:-

Judith was born in Peterborough and has always had an interest in art.  At school she had to get a special dispensation to study art back in the days when you either did science subjects or art subjects.  She went on to study Physics and obtained her PhD followed by a period of research.  The research is not a steady job but is in effect a series of contracts, so between contracts she manged to study and pass A level art.

She dabbled in pottery as well as art and, three years ago she attended June Lornie’s exhibition at the Rathbone Studio (See the October 2019 Newsletter) in Birkenhead.  This is run by Janet Holmes and is essentially a pottery studio where Janet teaches and produces her own ceramics.  This visit reawakened Judith’s interest in pottery and she enrolled and has been attending regularly since then.  These two Alice based book end were produced this year and took many weeks to produce as she only carries out the pottery work in the weekly two hour sessions.


Dave Lornie