June and Roger's Magical Garden

This talk was given by Judith Railton at the May 22 meeting of the Daresbury Lewis Carroll Society.

Judith Railton, local artist, poet and musician, gave a talk about June and Roger Lancelyn Green’s garden.  In Judith’s own words:-
“It was a great pleasure to come along to Daresbury to meet you and  talk about June and Roger Lancelyn Green - his literary background and their family life and home at Poulton Hall, Bebington, Wirral.
I I first met June when she invited me to make ‘The Cheshire Cat - His Grin ‘ in 1995 for the Sculpture Gardens she created after Roger died. All the commissioned artworks have associations with his many books.

.June and I became friends - more commissions, outings and cuppas in her small, welcoming kitchen continued. Many other artists’ works as well as my own can be viewed on a film I made to show at Daresbury.
 ‘Judith Railton Poulton Hall Sculpture Gardens - Glimpses’. “
You can you can see Judith’s film on YouTube by clicking on the image of Judith and June in the garden at Poulton Hall.

Below are two pictures of June with Judith’s sculptures.