Edge of Your Seat Productions

What an amazing two and a half years it has been for Edge of Your Seat Productions! Since Artistic Director and Professional Actor Philip McGuinness and Production Manager Emily Frodsham founded the Company in 2010 Edge of Your Seat Productions has grown dramatically. Edge of Your Seat Productions performed their debut Production of Willy Russell’s ‘Our Day Out’ in March 2011. Edge of Your Seat Productions have recently completed a tour of ‘Wonderland: The Trials of Alice’, a re-imagining of Lewis Carroll’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’, performing at Edge Hill University, Ormskirk Civic Hall, Ormskirk Town Centre, Kirkby Town Centre, Liverpool Town Hall, Llandudno Promenade and St George’s Hotel Llandudno.

Artistic Director Philip McGuinness writes:-
When we began planning a production based around Lewis Carroll’s timeless work we never dared to believe it would be so successful. Having produced a sell-out production of ‘Our Day Out’ we were determined to challenge ourselves to produce something that was totally different in style, genre and also that was expected of us as a Company. I believe that the Production exceeded all of my expectations and all of the hard work of the team made the production so spectacular. One of the highlights of working on the ‘Wonderland: The Trials of Alice’ was being invited to perform our family orientated version of the production from 4th-7th May 2012 on Llandudno Promenade. Seeing the delighted reactions of all of the children to what we had spent so long working on was one of the greatest joys for all of the team. The Llandudno performances re-affirmed our beliefs that we are on the right track producing work that is challenging, entertaining and though provoking for all of the family and this is what we aspire to do for many years to come.”
Edge of Your Seat Productions and the cast of ‘Wonderland: The Trials of Alice’ performed to, in excess, of 100,000 people through the duration of the tour and are looking to a Wonderful future ahead for a Company only in the infancy of its life. The Company have now been asked by members of Llandudno Council to perform at various other Alice in Wonderland events in Llandudno and help to promote the history of the seaside town celebrating the connection with the Liddell Family.

Edge of Your Seat Productions founders Philip McGuinness and Emily Frodsham are currently building their Edge of Your Seat office, which was due for completion by 22nd August 2012 ready for the planning of their next big production!