Mid Cheshire Youth Theatre - ‘Alice’ Production  September 2012

The production took place in the small theatre at Davenham, near Northwich. The picture shows Katie Lambert (13) who played Alice Liddell, Seb Singh (17) who played Lewis Carroll and Caitlin Sherwood (14) who played the story book Alice.

It was quite a novel idea to see Lewis Carroll with Alice Liddell and her sisters sat at the side while the ‘Alice’ production went on in the background. Katie Lambert was very good as Alice Liddell as was Caitlin Sherwood who played the story book Alice. Putting the Walrus and the Carpenter into the first Alice story is a common fault but not one that can be blamed on the actors!

We were able also to renew a friendship with Becki Le who was one of the chorus/dancers - we saw her in the superb Wanda Kinder-Berry ballet of ‘Alice’ some eighteen months ago - we also spoke to her after this production.