All About The Daresbury Lewis Carroll Society

The contents of this page are based on a talk given to the society by Selwyn Goodacre of the London based Lewis Carroll SocietyWe hope to add more detail soon.

The society came into being through the efforts and enthusiasm of Kenn Oultram back in the late 1960s.

The Lord Daresbury Hotel was where the first meetings were held – we were there from the beginning – they even agreed to come to a meeting – when we protested that it should be called the ‘Lewis Carroll  Hotel’ – but we were small in numbers, and sadly our thoughts were never considered.

The hotel still has an amazing Lewis Carroll mosaic that used to be in the bar area. It is now covered over, but I believe is still there underneath – It seemss that the various folk in charge of the Hotel over the years live in a state of flux as regards the Carroll link. Kenn used to be able to persuade them that our Society should have their meetings at the Hotel - for free, but this is not the case at the present time and the society now meets at the Village hall in Daresbury  next to the Ring O’ Bells.

Kenn wrote the Society Newsletters from September 1984 – up to about 2003 – all rather idiosyncratic, and full of any other facts about famous Cheshire folk that appealed to him. Keith Wright took over and later restyled it as the Daresbury Chronicles In 2015, after the sad death of Keith, Dave Lornie took over the editorship and it has returned to being the Newsletter.

1979 was a significant year for this Society – they promoted their own first day cover for the Year of the Child – with that famous set of stamps issued on 11 July – I believe members sat up all night fixing stamps. The remarkably fine cover was designed by Kim Skovgaard  Copies of it are now retailing at around £40 each