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We are currently working on the October 2011 edition of the Daresbury Chronicles.  All the other editions that you see under 'Links to Articles and Magazines' are complete.

The Daresbury Chronicle

The Daresbury Chronicle was the title our late chairman, Keith Wright, gave to the magazines he published between 2004 and 2014.

As well as light gossip about the goings on of the society he also published interesting articles about various aspects of Lewis Carroll's life, associates and work. The image shows the cover to the April 2012 edition.

The Newsletter

Following on from Keith we did not like to continue with the Daresbury Chronicle as it seemed to be special to him so the title Newsletter was resurrected and has been used from 2015 to the current day. The image shows the cover to the September 2017 edition.

Again, as for the Daresbury Chronicle as editions are added their content will be indexed and searchable.