Places To Visit

All Saints Church, Daresbury

Lewis Carroll's father was a curate for eighteen years at Daresbury's All Saints church. Lewis Carroll was born in the parsonage there in 1828.

You can learn more by visiting the church website.

The Lewis Carroll Centre

At All Saints Church you will also find the Lewis Carroll Centre.  The idea for a Lewis Carroll Centre at Daresbury was  discussed for at least 20 years and number of plans were considered over the years but came to nothing. Finally, with the help of national, regional and local funding bodies, the All Saints Lewis Carroll Centre, Daresbury began to take shape in late 2009. It was initally  to be a small addition to the church but grew into quie a large sturcture as you will see if you visit it.  You can learn more about it by followin this link to their web site - Lewis Carroll Centre.

The Centenary Wood

The site was purchased by the Woodland Trust, with the help and support of the Lewis Carroll Birthplace Trust and planted in early 2000 to commemorate the centenary of the death of the Cheshire born author. The wood is now open to the public and comprises two blocks of native woodland (0.8ha) comprising a mix of English oak, ash, alder, silver birch, blackthorn, hawthorn, dog rose, and hazel. The woods are separated by a ride that opens onto a low meadow.

To the west a seat is provided along with a Millennium Feature comprising a circular stand of six oaks around a stone commemorative tablet.

The wood lies approximately 2km south-east of junction 11 of the M56 motorway. It can be found on the north side of Higher Lane 150m west of the junction with Morphany Lane.

You can learn more at The Centenary Wood site.

Lewis Carroll's Birthplace

The parsonage where Lewis Carroll was born was approximately 1.5 miles from the village of Daresbury. Today when visitors stroll up the narrow path, flanked by fields, they will see that all that remains is a ground level brick outline depicting where the original building once stood, as unfortunately the building was destroyed by fire over 100 years ago.

You can learn more by following this link Lewis Carroll Birth Place.

Lewis Carroll Walk

You will see various signs for this around Daresbury for this five and half mile light walk taking in the Lewis Carrol'sl birthplace, the memorial stone and other places.  You can see the route on the map which was created by Jim Grindle for Walking World. Click on the image to see an enlargerd version.

Penkridge Lake Farm - Daresbury Dairy Ice Cream

This is a dairy farm which produces it's own delicious ice cream.  It is just a short distance from the Centenary Wood so you coud vist the wood and then stop off at the farm to enjoy a well deserved ice cream.  Learn more and get directions at  - Penkridge Farm Dairy Icecream