Margaret Tye

Margaret passed away suddenly on the 11th November last year and her funeral was held at Trinity Church at Market Gate, Warrington on the 23rd of that month.
She was a long time member of the club and the minutes secretary for at least the last fifteen years.

The spring 2015 meeting of the society celebrated the 150th anniversary of the publication of Alice in Wonderland and at the meeting the picture on the right was taken which included Kenn and Margaret.   On the back row Margaret is between, on the left,  Susan Markham one of the societies founder members and first treasurer who had come up from her home in Somerset for the meeting and, on the right, Irene Rutter another long time member of the society who also runs the Lewis Carroll centre at Daresbury Church.
On the front are Kenn and Arthur Carter a member of the society and friend of Susan’s.

Margaret had a large collection of Lewis Carroll related memorabilia and artefacts.  In 2019 the Atkinson gallery in Southport staged an exhibition on Dodgson and his work and had a whole cabinet filled with a selection from her collection.