The Spring Meeting 2012

The Spring Meeting was held at the Daresbury Park Hotel on the 21st April 2012

The meeting started with a lunch in the Daresbury Park Hotel and the White Rabbit came along to meet our Alice, Thalia Thompson, Llandudno Alice Nicol Thompson and Nicol’s sister Katie who was in her dormouse outfit.
The speaker at our meeting was David Nickson (left) who among other things makes Rocking horses. He explained how the items were made and showed us several of the ‘Alice’ related items he is working on.

Those who went to June Lornie’s recent ‘Alice’ exhibition will recall one of David’s Rocking Horses was on display there.
Later David and his partner Franki wrote in an email:- ‘We enjoyed our first visit to Daresbury and the opportunity to meet you, Ken, Margaret and some of your members at the Lewis Carroll Society. Being able to share what we'd made with enthusiasts was quite an honour and delight, especially since they gave so much pleasure in making.’