George In Civvy Street

I do enjoy discovering some new Alice connection in some new unexplored or obscure area of research and the latest is within the last George Formby comedy film George on Civvy Street (1946). It begins with George being demobbed from the navy and returning home to run the family pub The Unicorn but he discovers there is rivalry with another pub The Lion. Half way through the film he falls asleep while reading the Lion and the Unicorn poem and a Alice in Wonderland dream sequence commences with George as the Mad March Hare. Rosalyn Boulter plays George's sweetheart Mary and makes a fetching Alice. His old navy friend (played by Ronald Shiner) becomes the Mad Hatter. There is a mixture of characters from Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, the masks and disguises are similar to the Paramount 1933 film. George sings the quirky The Mad March Hare song. The scene concludes with a boxing match in the ring between the unicorn and the lion. The film is available as a DVD and most often found as a collection.

Stephen Martin. 

You can see the dream sequence on is own by clicking on the picture of Geroge, as The March Hare, with the Mad Hatter or the whole film by clicking on the Image of George with his Ukelele.